My parents both grew up on farms. Their parents grew up during the great depression. Given this background, it's no surprise that short-notice repairs or improvements with a nonexistent budget were the norm, so creativity was the first tool my dad taught me to use. These experiences growing up led to my love for projects and problem-solving, as well as a healthy dislike of fiberglass.


My love of projects is why I became a designer. But it also extends into my hobbies. Most of the things I do in my spare time boil down to "let's make something" or "let's learn something new". Examples include: caning chairs, sewing clothes, crocheting sweaters, cooking, and whatever I decide to start next — I think it's going to be wood block printing.

If you need to reach me, I'll always respond to emails sent to va.adamson1@gmail.com

Virginia Adamson | May 2020