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A weekend-long sprint project, created for a live client,  modified to suit NDAs and portfolios.

Team: four-person, multi-disciplinary

My role: Strategy, experience design


Coors Light wants to own chill for busy millennials. So how could Coors Light help them create chill anytime, anywhere?


After looking at current trends in live streaming and branded content, we came up with 20coorseven, a 24/7 Twitch stream curated to bring maximum chill. 


The content would vary by time of day: meditations in the morning, craft videos or music to get you through your workday, and activities like drinking games or karaoke to help set the stage for a fun night with friends.


Twitch is the ideal platform, as its core audience closely matches Coors Light’s target. Users also spend an average of 95 minutes on the platform per day – higher than any other social media.


Millennials are watching tv primarily through streaming services, so they can access content when and where they want to. They are also likely to cite TV as their primary way to unwind, so a variety stream created by a brand known for chill should be a welcome source of relaxation.


But we wouldn’t rely on the popularity of Twitch alone to launch 20coorseven; we created a plan to help it gain traction.


Our target audience struggles with FOMO (the fear of missing out). Before people can tune into 20coorseven with friends, they first need permission to have a chill night in. We planned a unique set of OOH ads to validate them.


Billboards alone won't convince America to stay on their couches, though.
When someone has their heart set on staying in and needs helping convincing their friends to join them, the Coors ChillBot is here to save the night. The ChillBot can also tell you what's up on 20Coorseven, and helps users connect to different aspects of the campaign.


Bribery never tasted so good. Who wouldn’t be more likely to stay in for mozzarella sticks?


A special promotion code from the Coors ChillBot will earn you a free snack on goPuff with the purchase of any Coors product.


Sadly, our project was not chosen by Coors Light. However, I was really proud of the work my team did in just a few days. We came up with ridiculous amounts of ideas, and really pushed ourselves in the execution.


For my role on this, I felt a little bit of what it's like to be a product or delivery manager. I facilitated a lot of our brainstorming activities, and determined the scope of the features and deliverables.


As for the team: 10/10 would collaborate again, 10/10 would spend a weekend in a tiny room with again.

Check them out! Danny Timbers, XD | Kt McVeigh, CW | BriElle Munizzi, AD

Disclaimer: We actually came up with this campaign before we'd even heard of "social distancing."


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